For more images of our kick off weekend of Camp Thunder Mountain, partnered with Easter Seals Rocky Mountain Village, Please visit our Facebook page.

For more images of our kick off weekend of Camp Thunder Mountain, partnered with Easter Seals Rocky Mountain Village, Please visit our Facebook page.!/pages/Romito-Foundation



President Richard Romito and son Dominic playing on the zipline





















 While one part of the foundation seeks out capital support for research initiatives, the other side of the business is developing a subsidiary – official name Camp Thunder Mountain – that will operate as a recreational camp at a dedicated site for children with Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy and their families


Although there are some camps for kids with DMD, they have some specific drawbacks that make this mission so important.  For one, most muscular dystrophy camps enroll only children 7-17 years of age.  While DMD can be fatal as early as the late teen years, many patients live well into their 20s or 30s. Confined to wheelchairs, but eager to enjoy normal activities, these young men can come to Camp Thunder Mountain.  Providing resources for this older subset is very important, and currently overlooked.  Camp Thunder Mountain will be tailored in every respect to the unique desires and needs, medical and otherwise, of these amazing individuals.  Young men in the U.S. and throughout the world deserve this sort of environment to live their lives to the fullest while researchers seek a cure.

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This camp will be the first of its kind.  Designed for children 6-years-old and up, the camp will center around a recreational lodge that plans to offer movies, fitness activities, a library, comfortable cabins, therapeutic pools, and a wide range of other amenities.  Run by trained counselors and staffed by medical experts and compassionate employees, this camp will offer video games, a bowling alley, laser tag, arts and crafts, go-kart courses, and paintball.  In time, the facility intends to include a complete on-site hotel for families, an outdoor pool and grilling area, and a small medical facility.

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Using direct feedback from children and their parents, Camp Thunder Mountain will build its site in phases as it procures funds to create a positive social environment for its participants.  Camp Thunder Mountain will promote the numerous benefits it will offer using a grassroots campaign focused on direct mail, Internet advertising, and strategic partnerships.  These aggregate efforts will create a greater awareness from the public about the genetic disorder, as well as the unconventional recreational therapies provided by the Camp.


 Parents and initial supporters have stated:


“As a mother, a registered nurse and president of a non-profit; Jett Foundation, specific to the health and welfare of those diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), it has become evident that a camp experience specific to this population does not exist in the country today.  Several camps have a week designated for this group of kids who are disabled, cognitively efficient – however, the weeks are limited, the number of campers is highly restricted to each session, leaving many of potential campers out….”


“The Jett Foundation and myself as a mom – applaud the actions taken by the Romito Foundation in establishing such an entity for the genuine purpose of “making happy campers.””

Christine McSherry, RN

Jett’s mom

President, Jett Foundation


“As a family living with Duchenne, we wanted to write and explain why a camp such as this is important to our sons.  Our sons, Ryan, Aaron, and Ian began going to the camp when they were 7 years old.  Due to the age restriction, they are no longer able to go…..” 

“This camp was so important to them not only because of the activities, but because of the socialization that occurs during the camp.  Boys with Duchenne often feel they are left out of certain things because of their disability.  At camp, however, they can do everything.”


“Camp also provides a much needed respite week for parents that are care-givers.  For those of you who don’t have a child with a disability, this may sound harsh, but reality is, it’s a lot of work.”


Brian and Kimberley, Ryan,

Aaron, and Ian Horan

Thank you to Chris Heil and his team

Thank you to Chris Heil and his team