The Duchenne Alliance
In March of 2011, a revolution began. Leaders of 24 Duchenne-focused organizations came together in a two-day meeting and made a critical decision. Although each individual organization had been doing important work, we agreed to unite our efforts – to work harder, think smarter, and to change the course of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Our strategy was simple, we would work together. Since that first meeting, the Alliance has grown. We now have the commitment, the brainpower, the financial resources, and the business savvy of nearly 40 organizations. The Duchenne Alliance is an unprecedented, international collaboration dedicated to FINDING A CURE OR TREATMENT for the number one genetic killer of children in the world – Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

We are:

• Focused on aggressively pursuing treatments and a cure.

• Fearless and willing to challenge existing paradigms of collaboration and drug development in order to save our boys.

• International with members in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

• Diverse with sustainable funding sources that stretch from grassroots efforts to corporate sponsorship and philanthropic support.

• Committed to demanding the most efficient means to provide treatments to all boys at every stage of this disease in the shortest timeframe.

We are determined to deliver funding to the most promising research towards a treatment and cure for Duchenne. The science is promising but research and drug development is tremendously expensive and slow to reach consumers. We will not allow another generation of boys to die from this disease. We are united to beat time.

The Duchenne Dashboard

Just six months after its first meeting, in collaboration with web developer Open Onward, the Duchenne Alliance unveiled The Duchenne Dashboard, a first of its kind web environment that allows scientists and researchers to submit proposals directly to all foundations at one time. The Duchenne Dashboard expedites funding of deserving research, and allows foundations to both co-fund and work most efficiently with researchers in an effort to get treatments to boys as quickly as possible.

Progress and Promise

The size, openness and diversity of our collaboration put us in a unique position to beat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Collectively, we have considerable resources that allow us to have the greatest impact on progress. We are committed to saving our boys. To that end, we will use every dollar/pound/euro/rupee to its fullest potential. The return for your donation and our efforts is quite simply that, together, we will change the world. Each organization in the Duchenne Alliance is committed to being a steward of contributions by efficiently evaluating scientific projects, communicating with other organizations, eliminating duplication of efforts, and sharing knowledge. We will push scientific process and demand accountability from the scientists whose work we support. We’ll give the thousands of boys diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy a chance at the life they deserve.